What to Do if Your McDowell Mountain Ranch Home for Sale Does Not Sell

What to Do if Your McDowell Mountain Ranch Home for Sale Does Not Sell


If your home for sale in McDowell Mountain Ranch Scottsdale has been on the market for too long, buyers may get the impression that there is something wrong with the home or it is overpriced.

Here are things you can do if your McDowell Mountain Ranch home for sale does not sell.

To avoid a bad reputation, some sellers pull their listing off the market for a time to reassess it and then relist it later.

But even if you pull your home for sale in McDowell Mountain Ranch Arizona off the market and relist it with a new agent, it still won’t appear as a new listing. There are certain rules in place with the local MLS that determine what listings qualify as new. You would have to wait until the 91st day off the market before your listing could count as new again. Otherwise it will just add on to the previous days on the market.

Marketing plays a key role in getting your home sold. Getting a new MLS number is not as important as preparing and improving your listing with something that will appeal to buyers.

The first thing your agent should do is analyze why your home for sale in McDowell Mountain Ranch AZ didn’t sell and then work with you to address those issues.

Take Good Photos

Sometimes, it’s as simple as photos taken with poor lighting or on a cloudy day. Photos could either make or break a deal when it comes to online listings. Sometimes it’s just a matter of cleaning the house, staging it, and then retaking good photos.  You can hire a professional photographer for a small fee.   They can also do a video tour, which will get many additional views on the Internet and give buyers a better idea of the actual layout.

If you want a fresh listing, make sure it is accompanied with better photos. Your photos should be appropriate for the season. If you are selling your home this spring, don’t choose photos with autumn leaves in the yard. This could give an impression that your home has been sitting on the market for too long.

Instead of uploading dozens of photos to meet a quota, make sure to choose only the best and most attractive photos of your home that will showcase its best features.

Taking excellent photos can help to sell your homes for sale in McDowell Mountain Ranch Arizona in no time!

Change the Price

Even a small change in price may trigger an email alert to potential buyers with filters on their home search based on price. Even if you have changed the price, it will help to submit new photos so that buyers will think they haven’t seen the listing before.

Stage the Home

Sometimes, updating or staging your home could be the key to getting it sold faster. Buyers shop for homes mostly online and look at 15-20 listings everyday, so make sure the photos of your home stand out from the rest by having it staged.

Whether its professional photos, staging, time off the market or a price change, every seller should strive to make their McDowell Mountain Ranch AZ house look the best that it can by using these tips to sell their homes faster.

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