Owning is Better than Renting in McDowell Mountain Ranch Scottsdale

Owning is Better than Renting in McDowell Mountain Ranch Scottsdale

Have you ever been through the age-old question of real estate: Is it cheaper buying homes for sale in McDowell Mountain Ranch Scottsdale or is renting the better option?

Here are the reasons why it is better to buy a home for sale in McDowell Mountain Ranch Scottsdale than to rent one!

Buying versus renting is a hot topic of debate for many years now, considering that homeownership is a great part of the “American Dream.” During the recession, the mortgage crisis and economic decline which happened right after created a bad name for home purchasing, leaving many homeowners unable to pay mortgage, facing foreclosures, and leaving their homes for ones with cheaper rent. However, buying a home seems more favorable with the rise of the new generation of home buyers. Rent prices have seen a steady increase and interest rates are now at an all-time low.

In a recent study by Trulia, it found that 98 out of 100 major metropolitan areas, buying has become considerably more affordable than renting a home. Meanwhile, analytics firm Realty Trac shares the same sentiment in their analysis which showed that it during the first five months of the year, it was still cheaper to buy than rent a home, a pattern in their past five years of studies.

Should you start shopping around for McDowell Mountain Ranch homes for sale now or should you leave the statistics behind and keep renting and moving from one place to another?

Own a McDowell Mountain Ranch home for sale to get out of the bondage of paying monthly rent!

Apart from the financial benefits that owning has over renting, being a homeowner also comes with a slew of other advantages: you have the freedom to customize your space, you don’t have to keep buying custom-fit furniture again, you tend to save even more, and you keep your stress levels on a low by not having to deal with moving stress and landlord issues. You also get to reap the benefits of increased home value when you find it time to sell your home. Plus, you enjoy limited payments – meaning, once you pay off your fixed mortgage in 20-30 years time, depending on your agreement, and live payment-free after that.

While it sounds better renting homes for sale in McDowell Mountain Ranch AZ right now because you don’t have to pay big money upfront just to live in your dream home, remember that the monthly rent payments you make will add up and even increase over time. If you can, take the plunge and buy that dream home today.

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