5 Things to Check in Homes for Sale in McDowell Mountain Ranch AZ

5 Things to Check in Homes for Sale in McDowell Mountain Ranch AZ


A picture can paint a thousand words but when it comes to buying homes for sale in McDowell Mountain Ranch Scottsdale, you can never just rely on a photo alone. No matter how good the photos are, nothing beats going inside the house and seeing it in all its glory – before you even decide to place an offer on it.

Here are the 5 things to check when looking for a McDowell Mountain Ranch home for sale!

So before you start writing on your checkbook, be sure to check these things first when viewing a home for sale:

1. Check the home’s exterior.

Take a walk around the outside of the house and see for yourself how the owners have taken care of the home. Is the paint chipping? Do the roof shingles or tiles look like they need to be replaced? Are the gutters rusty?

2. Check the layout of the home.

How you feel about the layout of the home depends on the type of living situation you are in. A family with young kids might want to have a bedroom that’s on the same floor as their kids’. A creative who works entirely at home needs to have his or her own office. Is there a space for that in this home for sale in McDowell Mountain Ranch Arizona?

3. Check the flow of the space.

One of the things that you don’t really get to see in listing photos is the flow of the house. Some homeowners like a spacious, well-lit space which has a welcoming ambience while others prefer exactly the opposite. So make sure to check how the space flows, how the rooms are connected to each other, and how comfortable you feel with the place.

These are the things you should check out as you look for a new home for sale in McDowell Mountain Ranch AZ.

4. Check all storage areas.

How is the storage space of the home? Is there enough space in the closet for all your clothes? Does the kitchen have multiple cabinets and shelves? Are there any other unutilized space which you can take advantage of when you move in? Having a lot of storage spaces helps you to become more organized with all of the stuff you’re bringing over from your old home.

5. Check the neighborhood.

If you can, take a trip down the street and check out the neighborhood of these McDowell Mountain Ranch homes for sale. Ask your real estate agent about town specifics like how many schools are nearby, what are the recreational facilities, where are the nearby hospitals, and more.

You can never be too sure about a home you’re looking to buy. Always be mindful of the little things that can make a house a home. Visit www.ScottsdaleAZHomes.net for even more tips for the savvy home buyer.

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