10 Things That Can Kill The Sale of Your McDowell Mountain Ranch Home

10 Things That Can Kill The Sale of Your McDowell Mountain Ranch Home


When you are putting up your McDowell Mountain Ranch home for sale, you need to make sure it is in great condition if you don’t want it to sit on the market with no offers.

If you want your home for sale in McDowell Mountain Ranch Scottsdale to sell fast and at the right price, you would want to avoid the following:

Find out what you need to get rid of before showing your homes for sale in McDowell Mountain Ranch Arizona.

  1. Damage. Whether your home had been used as a rental and sloppy tenants have abused your home or you just haven’t maintained it as well as you should, excessive damage in your home will turn off potential buyers. Holes in the wall, scratched up wood floors, spots on the carpet, an unkempt yard full of weeds are not what buyers are looking for. Buyers want move in ready homes. Unless you are planning to offer the home at a much lower price, you need to pay attention to home repair and maintenance.
  1. Flooring trends. Tile and wood floors are the current trend and bathrooms  should have tile, rather than carpet. It just gives a cleaner look when your home is for sale in McDowell Mountain Ranch AZ.
  1. Like new condition. If the carpet isn’t in near new condition after it’s deep cleaned, it’s best to invest in a new carpet. You’ll earn the money back; it will sell for more money and with less time on the market. Also, have windows cleaned inside and out, wash light bulbs and add larger watt bulbs to make the house show light and bright.
  1. Unkempt Yard. Once a buyer sees an ugly lawn or untrimmed shrubs from afar, they might not even get out of the car and into your door. If your front yard is a mess, potential buyers will think that the home will also be a mess inside. Invest in and put some effort in improving your curb appeal to attract more potential buyers.
  1. Pet Odor. If you have pets, you probably won’t notice their smell since you live with them everyday, but your buyers definitely would and it would turn them off. Before listing your home, deep clean your carpets and upholstery, remove cat boxes or pet beds, and spray on some air freshener before your home showing. The last thing you would want is for buyers to remember your home as the “stinky house.” You also can hire professional companies to do air purification.
  1. Loud Pets. If you have a dog who barks every time someone approaches the door, this will stop many buyers from even entering or turn off buyers who might think your home would smell of dogs. Offer to pay for pet care or ask neighbors or friends to take care of your pets during the home showing.  Noisy neighboring dogs are also a concern, but it’s harder to control that situation.
  1. Decorating issues.  Outdated curtains, floral wallpaper, loud paint color on the walls, and other poor decorating choices could hurt the sale of your McDowell Mountain Ranch home. A few simple updates or hiring the services of a professional stager could make a big difference in keeping buyers interested in your home and shortening the time on the market.

Even minor details can kill the sale of your home for sale in McDowell Mountain Ranch Scottsdale.

  1. A Bad Agent. If your real estate agent is unwilling to take your opinions into consideration, rude, lacking in skills and knowledge, not communicative, belligerent, and lazy, then it’s time to get a new one. An agent who is not giving you the right kind of attention is not the right one.
  1. Sloppiness. If you have the habit of shoving all the clutter and mess inside cabinets and drawers, this may haunt you when it’s time for showing your home. Buyers will look in drawers and cabinets to examine your home’s available storage space closely. If these spaces are overstuffed, cluttered, and messy, it will give the impression that there isn’t enough space.
  1. Unreasonable Sellers. If there are deal killers in your home like damages, roofing or electrical problems and other potential issues for buyers and you are unwilling to negotiate, then you can expect to have a hard time getting an interested buyer. And, the inspection period could bring many requests for repairs.

If you want to sell your McDowell Mountain Ranch home for sale quickly and not have it sitting on the market without an interested buyer, avoid these deal killers at all cost.

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